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Montana The Magazine of Western History, a publication of the Montana Historical Society, is pleased to announce a contest for the best article on the history of the American West by an emerging scholar. We welcome submissions from graduate students, early career faculty, and independent scholars. The deadline for submissions is January 4, 2021. 

Prize: The winning manuscript, chosen by members of Montana The Magazine of Western History’s board of editors, will be published in an issue of the magazine, and the author will receive $300 and free registration, travel, and accommodations to the 2021 Montana History Conference, where they will give a talk on their project.

Published since 1951, Montana The Magazine of Western History showcases the people, places, and events that shaped the state and the West. In addition to scholarly feature articles, the magazine includes book reviews, commentaries on historical events and people, and advertising relevant to the West. For more information about the magazine, visit: https://mhs.mt.gov/pubs/magazine

Submission Guidelines

Topic: The manuscript must show evidence of original research on significant facets of history or provide a new interpretation of historical events that changes the way we view a particular historical topic. Submissions do not have to focus on Montana history but must address a topic of historical relevance to the American West.

Length and Formatting:

  • Manuscript should be submitted as a WORD document, 3,500–7,500 words (excluding notes).
  • Please format the entire document in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins.
  • Place title and author at top of first page, no special formatting. No title page is needed.
  • Do not include any headers or footers, other than page numbers (bottom of page, right).

Citations: Please consult Chicago Manual of Style for formatting. Notes can be footnotes or endnotes, and should be done in WORD using the “Insert Endnote” feature under the “References” tab. Please do not number notes manually or as a separate document, and please change all ibids. in notes to full citations. This ensures that no “ibid.” gets parted from its parent during editing. After editing, we will abbreviate citations where needed.

In addition to your manuscript, upload a curriculum vitae or résumé with up-to-date contact information (phone number, email, and mailing address). 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.