Montana The Magazine of Western History is a scholarly journal, which means that articles are submitted to peer review and must show evidence of original research on significant facets of history or provide a new interpretation of historical events that changes the way we view a particular historical topic. A rewriting of standard incidents generally available in other sources will not be accepted. Articles should include endnotes, and manuscripts, excluding endnotes, should not be more than 6,000 words, or about 20 double-spaced pages. Because we are an illustrated journal, suggestions for illustrations assist in our judgments.

If your article is judged appropriate for Montana, we will submit it to anonymous review; that is, a blind copy of your manuscript will be sent out-of-house for evaluation, usually to two experts in the field. Upon receiving their comments, we will forward a summary of the readers' reports to you with our determination. The process usually takes six to eight weeks.

The best style guide for Montana is a recent issue of our magazine, but generally we follow the latest revised edition of the Chicago Manual of Style.