Manuscripts for Montana The Magazine of Western History articles are submitted to peer review and must show evidence of original research on significant facets of history or provide a new interpretation of historical events that changes the way we view a particular historical topic. A rewriting of standard incidents generally available in other sources will not be accepted. Manuscripts should be previously unpublished and must include endnotes. 

In the cover letter of your submission, please include the title of your article, your full contact information, and a one to three-sentence bio.

If your article is judged appropriate for Montana, we will submit it to anonymous review; that is, a blind copy of your manuscript will be sent out-of-house for evaluation, usually to two experts in the field. Upon receiving their comments, we will forward a summary of the readers' reports to you with our determination. The process usually takes six to eight weeks.

Style Guide:

Montana The Magazine of Western History adheres to the guidelines of Chicago Manual of Style. Please refer to CMOS for formatting notes.

  • Manuscript should be submitted as a WORD document, 3,500–7,500 words (excluding notes).
  • Please format the entire document in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins.
  • Place title and author at top of first page, no special formatting. No title page is needed.
  • Do not include any headers or footers, other than page numbers (bottom of page, right).
  • Notes can be footnotes or endnotes, and should be done in WORD using the “Insert Endnote” feature under the “References” tab. Please do not number notes manually or as a separate document. Please consult Chicago Manual of Style for formatting.
  • No ibids. Please change all ibids in notes to full citations. This ensures that no “ibid” gets parted from its parent during editing. After editing, we can change to ibid or an abbreviated citation where needed.
  • Also, in the notes: Use this date format: Jan. 15, 2019 rather than 15 January 2019. Abbreviate months (Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.) Newspaper articles need full article title in quotation marks, Newspaper, City (if not indicated), state in parentheses if not MT, date of article. No page number or author is needed. (Example: “Massacre or Battle?” Anaconda Standard, Feb. 1, 1867.)
  • Images: Please do not embed photographs or other images in the manuscript. Other images, such as tables, maps, or graphs can be submitted as additional pages to the manuscript. If you have images you want to have included, please contact Laura Ferguson (, 406-444-0974) for information on file size, type, format, and permissions. Photos can be sent electronically in a separate, zipped folder or via a file transfer service. 

Please email with any concerns or questions, as we are happy to assist you as you prepare your manuscript for consideration by MMWH. Contact: Diana Di Stefano (, 406-444-0090),  Laura Ferguson (, 406-444-0974), or Jeff Bartos (, 406-444-2702).

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.